Passion for wood.

For more than 45 years on the portuguese market, we provide an extensive and complete range of products that are capable of responding to all requests from the demanding and dynamic building market. We equally supply the carpentry, furniture and packing industry.

We assume an eclectic and versatile approach that allows us to break new ground in our business segment, where we have developed a sustained work under the wooden modular construction.

Jular has five sales points and showrooms: Porto, Azambuja, Camarate (Lisbon) and Albufeira.

Our technical and commercial team is available to present the best offers in wooden floorings, the available application solutions and the most recent technologies in the structural building sector.

Our distribution network counts with the support of more than 350 sales points scattered over the mainland and the islands.

We ensure a quick and efficient distribution of our products thanks to our integrated sales system that allows us to respond quickly to all requests.



Our philosophy: responsibility to future generations


At Jular we are very serious with the commitment of our responsibility to future generations. This hinders us from collaborating with irrational forestry exploration strategies, where the only objective is an easy and immediate profit, at any price.

We do not adopt the demagogic attitude of saying that we only use wood from certified forests, since we know that nobody can, at this time, with absolute certainty, make such an affirmation.

We do declare, of course, that at the moment of choosing a supplier, we always privilege those that give us the best guarantees that they use natural resources intelligently, thus ensuring that they exist for the future generations to enjoy.

Since wood is a truly renewable natural resource, we always endeavour to stimulate sustainable practical forest husbandry that respect the renewable essence of this raw material.

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