Wood: the answer to the great challenge of sustainability.

Wood has been assuming increasingly more importance in modern architecture. Besides its natural properties of strength, beauty, durability, acoustic, thermal and fire resistance, wood was awarded one of the main roles in today's challenges: sustainability.

10 good reasons why we should prefer wood

1. Using wood products supports forests.

2. Wood stores carbon.
3. Wood is a renewable and versatile material.
4. Wood is a strong material.
5. Wood is beautiful.
6. Wood provides excellent sound and thermal insulation.
7. Wood is durable.
8. Wooden structures can have a high level of pre-fabrication.
9. Wood doesn't rust.
10. Wood behaves better under fire than steel.
Finally, there is no other material used in building construction that needs so little energy in its production: earth, water and solar energy are sufficient. In short, it is a material incorporating low energy.


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