Jular is formed by a diversified group of people, heterogeneous in age, professional and academic background, but united in a common ideal.


We usually say that, since 1973, we are proud of the wood we sell... and, modesty aside, we believe we have reasons for that!


Our mission is to provide everyone who is looking for a more intimate contact with this gift of Nature - wood - with the best quality and the widest range of choices one can offer. In order to comply with this mission we spare no efforts!


The whole process starts with a great commitment in the choice of raw material, independent of its origin: the Americas, Africa, Asia or Europe. It continues, afterwards, with the construction of the best there is in relation to storage facilities, whether in the open air or covered spaces, and which results in a "five-star" treatment for wood that is meant for the transforming industries.

Finally, we surrounded ourselves with a young, motivated and dynamic team, sensitive to the needs of the client.
This is why, at Jular, we are proud of the wood we sell!

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