The name JULAR has its origin in the name of the founders of the company: Júlia and Amaro Santos.


Founded in 1973 to legally incorporate the business developed previously as a private entrepreneur, JULAR – Empreendimentos Urbanos, Lda., started its activity in the sectors related with real estate promotion, building materials and importing of timber from Angola.



The growth of the wood business sector, with the regular importing of sawn timber from Brazil and logs from the west coast of Africa, led to the creation of an independent company, JULAR – Importação e Comércio de Madeiras, Lda., in 1982.



Placed, from the very beginning, as a privileged supplier of the carpentry and furniture industries, Jular began, in 1986, to build new facilities at Azambuja where an industrial unit comprising sawing, drying and transformation of exotic wood would be implemented.



The production of floors and profiles began in 1990, responding in this way to the increasing demand from the building industry market. From then on, the range of products offered by Jular has increased vertiginously. With wood as the common denominator, soon would be available decorative doors, door and casing lining preassembled kits, laminated and engineered floors, wood structures, boards and panels, metallic conectors, etc.



Following a strategy of increased specialization and regulation of the social participations, Jular – Importação e Comércio de Madeiras, Lda. became an Anonymous Society, in December, 2000, and became JULAR – Madeiras, S.A.



As a result of the growing market demands and the emergence of new technologies in engineered wood products, Jular develops its own technical office, dedicated to design and assembling of timber structures.



The acquired know-how and sharing of knowledge on the best pratices in timber construction, adding to a growing willingness to innovate and create new products, open the way for the presentation of the first wooden modular house - the Treehouse.



Execution of the major work built in wood in Portugal - Zmar Eco Campo Resort & Spa, at Zambujeira do Mar.



Fire in Azambuja construction premises.

First work export of modules - Soyo Village, Angola - following other projects in France, United Kingdom and Angola.



First export houses in panels - Auzz system.



Phase 1 of the commercial complex Baía de Luanda.

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