The name JULAR has its origin in the name of the founders of the company: Júlia and Amaro Santos.

Established in 1973, Jular began its journey in real estate development, selling construction materials, and importing timber from Angola, Brazil, and logs from the west coast of Africa, playing a crucial role in the growth of the raw wood sector.


Right from the start, Jular became a key supplier for the carpentry market. In 1986, the company started building advanced facilities in Azambuja, with an Industrial Unit equipped for sawing, drying, and processing exotic woods.


The year 2005 marked a turning point when Jular used its acquired experience and international insights into the best practices in timber construction. Driven by a growing desire to innovate and introduce new products, this led to the creation of a dedicated structural timber construction division.


In 2008, the company proudly introduced the Treehouse modular construction system, showcasing its commitment to innovative solutions.


Since then, Jular has continuously modernized and adapted to stay ahead in the dynamic prefabricated wood construction sector, meeting the ever-growing and challenging demands.


A significant event occurred in September 2010 when a fierce fire erupted in the main warehouse in Azambuja, testing the company's resilience.


With the creation of the Structures Division, Jular has successfully carried out various projects in Portugal and abroad, solidifying its position in this growing sector, which now holds substantial weight in the company's diverse portfolio.


The increasing concern for sustainability, both internationally and nationally, has provided a unique opportunity for Jular to thrive and make a meaningful impact. This is evident in the company's activities, ranging from the sale of wood-based construction materials to the use of this noble material in structural construction.

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