Mission, Vision and Values

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  • Mission, Vision and Values
Our commitment and business strategy.


Provide our customers the best products in wood, incorporating technical knowledge, market experience and innovation, creating differentiating solutions and projects.



Place Jular as a market leader in the world of wood products and projects, recognized as the best option by its customers and partners.


Excellence - guarantee a service of excellence with quality and efficiency, in a perspective of continuous improvement, always striving to do more and better.

Dedication - focus and orientation to the customer, actively listening and attending to their needs, always seeking to exceed their expectations.

Responsibility - accuracy, professionalism and integrity in the relationship with customers and partners, always operating according to legal norms and acting in accordance with the highest ethical principles.

Sustainability - create and develop sustainable construction solutions, promoting the preservation of the environment and making a rational use of natural and material resources.

Innovation - explore new ideas, processes and solutions, looking for the latest technical and technological developments in the field of wood products, experimenting with new concepts that lead to an evolution of the state of the art.

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