Prefab Houses

Modular construction with modern design and new architectural solutions.

Predominant mass-market housing programs such as project homes or tract housing largely fail to meet the desires of people who appreciate a modernist design aesthetic.

Custom-designed modernist architecture is beyond the financial reach of many people and so prefab is viewed as a design and production way that has the potential to deliver affordable modernism.

Wood structures are not only competitive with common steel and concrete alternatives, but also better performers when it comes to fire resistance, seismic behaviour, speed of assembling, labour costs and aesthetic arguments.

Besides its natural properties of strength, beauty, durability, acoustic, thermal and fire resistance, wood was awarded one of the main roles in today's challenges: sustainability.

Wood was indeed recognized as the most sustainable raw material, as its use results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products.

In this context, wood has been assuming increasingly more importance in modern architecture, in residential dwellings, in leisure and entertainment projects or in hotel facilities.


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