Auzz modular construction

Prefab modular system with great savings in time and resources.

Auzz modular construction system is based on fully standardized components, which make possible a fast assembling process at very competitive prices.


The versatility of Auzz layouts, combined with a wide range of finishing alternatives, makes it the ideal system to adjust to your needs of accomodation, be it in industry, residential or touristic sectors.


All modular components are factory-built and supplied in kits prepared for on-site construction.

Thanks to its space-saving and ease of assembling features, Auzz kits can be shipped in containers to virtually any destination in the world.


Compared with traditional construction, Auzz system is almost ways cheaper for similar thermal and acoustic performances.

The average life-cycle of a modular house compares to that of a traditional one, as long as the same maintenance plan is applied.


Of all the advantages of Auzz system, speed of assembly is the most outstanding feature.

Assembling time is measured in days and can vary between 3 to 15 days, depending on the complexity of the project.


Take a look at our video of the assembling of Auzz T2.

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