Treehouse modular houses

100% environment friendly modular house.

Treehouse modular houses are an innovative concept, which aimes to bring together design, modularity, speed and sustainability.


The choice of wood as the basic building material is the right option to reach these objectives. Of all the building materials available, wood is the only one with a positive carbon balance: it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, unlike others, which release it. 

Architecture and concept

A contemporary architectural solution, where the intensive use of wood provides a warm ambience in tune with Nature, integrating harmoniously with its surroundings.


The hi-tech materials from sustainable sources used in the construction of Treehouse have proven durability.


All Treehouse wooden components hold PEFC (chain of custody) certification.


The concept behind Treehouse is modular: it grows module by module, and each one has a standard area of about 22 sqm. The modules can be added on to allow the dwelling to grow both in area or in height.


The basic types of Treehouse allow an almost infinite combination of solutions. For property solutions (offices, bars, shops, tourism/leisure facilities), the possibilities for expansion are endless.


Treehouse has the same durability as a traditional building, with reduced maintenance costs.



Come and visit our Treehouse showroom village in Azambuja (30 minutes from Lisbon).


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