Treehouse Riga modular houses

A new, more compact and flexible style.

High-quality, high performance, ecological and economical houses.

Developed based on the Treehouse modular construction system, Treehouse Riga has been adapted for a new, more compact and flexible style.

Offering the same levels of excellence and quality that characterise the original Treehouse, and created in a more minimalist architectural line, Treehouse Riga seeks to meet demand for smaller dwellings, both in the private and hotel ands tourism segments.

Treehouse Riga offers a living room with kitchenette, two or three small bedrooms and one or two bathrooms.

The patios, fenced or open, provide external living space.

The smaller size of the house is compensated by the relatively large glazed window bays which offer extensive views outside, expanding their interior spaces.

Come and visit our Treehouse showroom village in Azambuja (30 minutes from Lisbon).

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