Treehouse Spot modular houses

Design, innovation, speed of assembling and competitive budgets.

Treehouse modular houses have been growing in popularity in recent years.

JULAR's offer available in the segment of prefab modular houses led to the creation of Treehouse Spot - the opportunity to have a weekend hideout, holiday retreat or even your beach hut.

Small resorts can be erected in no time with this solution. With Treehouse Spot, camping resorts can now add an upgrade to their lodging offer, with low installation and maintenance costs.

The main building material of Treehouse Spot is wood, and it's all PEFC certified. All components of Treehouse Spot are fully recyclable.

The walls, floors and roof have complete insulation, and the exterior walls are ventilated, improving well-being inside the house.

Treehouse Spot was designed to be placed on any ground, assuring there is a way to guarantee the lower ventilation of the module.

For the Treehouse Spot support system, a variety of systems can be used, from simple wooden stakes to geoscrews or other pillars, depending on the nature of the ground.

As with all other Treehouse solutions, Jular provides on-site assembly service.

Learn more about Treehouse Spot in our portfolio, and come and visit our Treehouse showroom village in Azambuja (30 minutes from Lisbon).


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