Vintage Wood

The beauty of rarity

150 years ago, the roofs of industrial buildings in Portugal were crafted using Nordic woods, boasting unique sections and lengths.

Those who selected these woods understood their exceptional qualities well: strength, longevity, lightness, flexibility, reliability, remarkable beauty, and aesthetic appeal.

As time passed, the architecture of those warehouses became outdated, unable to adapt to new demands. However, it did succeed in showcasing the enduring qualities of the wood used in its construction. Time enhanced its beauty, imparting a natural patina that permeates to its core.

Discover this extraordinary rarity!


Witness the craftsmanship showcased at Honest Greens, a wholesome food restaurant in Lisbon.

They have adorned their walls, ceilings, and dining tables with vintage woods sourced from Jular, further emphasizing the timeless allure and character of these remarkable materials.

Unique woods that have gained new life with the touch of modern times, with a natural and above all, sustainable character.

Once again, Jular presents itself as a successful example of material reuse, in line with the vision of circular economy and sustainability in its offer of wood products and solutions.

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