Thermally treated wood solution.

Thermowood® is a thermally treated wood solution, which results from a process of molecular modification of the wood carried out only through water vapour and high temperatures, with absolute absence of chemical products.

Thanks to this fully innovative thermal treatment, wood acquires an excellent dimensional stability, great resistance to climatic effects, it does not degrade in the presence of water and resists the attacks of insects and rot.

Thermowood® is a highly durable product, with a lifespan of many years and low maintenance costs.
According to your individual taste, an appropriate overpainting may be applied to the exterior wood.
The Thermowood® covering can also be applied without any treatment, without compromising, in any way, its performance - the only difference shall be at the aesthetic level: with the passing time the oxidation will give the wood an attractive ash-grey silver stone.
As long as it is adequately installed, a wooden ventilated façade may have durability and resistance that is similar to other conventional coverings, with the added value of being an environment friendly and very beautiful product.
With thermal treatment, wood becomes lighter and, with this reduction in weight, the loads on the supporting structure are less and so they offer a globally more economic solution.

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