Atmosphère & Bois

Meet our new Belgian brand Atmosphère & Bois, which has been rehabilitating wood from centuries-old barns for twenty years, giving it a new lease of life in construction and decoration.

How did Atmosphère & Bois start?

It was 20 years ago that the founder of Atmosphère & Bois, when in contact with specialists in the dismantling and demolition of old barns in Canada, had the idea for the creation and concept of this brand: to save and recover the wood of old barns, taking advantage of the beauty and charm of their colors and textures, aged over the years, and putting them at the service of construction, decoration and design. The smell and appearance of the veins in this wood were enough to get me going with this idea.
These barns are dismantled, board by board, beam by beam, and given a new life. These unique pieces of wood are used in construction and decoration, allowing the authentic expression of creativity. This natural material has centuries of history and fits perfectly into both contemporary and traditional, rustic styles.



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